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Recipe 3: Mushroom Soup

With Oathentic, you can make the classic Mushroom Soup with minimal fuss!

All you need for this popular appetizer are just 4 ingredients. Not to forget a pack of our Savoury Sea Salt Oat Milk! You may also use our newly-launched Collagen Boosting Original Hotpot Broth for a less sweet balanced taste.

Cheat’s Recipe using Oathentic Oat Milk

Note: Amount of ingredients are indicative, you can adjust according to your own preference. Below recipe serves 4-6 pax.


6-8 cloves garlic minced 1-2 big onions diced

400-500g mushrooms of your choice

, cut

Vegan coconut or olive butter

Optional for taste and garnishing

Black pepper

Parsley flakes


1. Melt vegan butter in pan till heated and add in garlic, onions and all mushrooms to stir fry for about 5 mins

2. Add in one cup of water and let the mushrooms sauté for around 5-10mins.

3. Turn off the fire. Depending on how much mushrooms you want to chew on while drinking the soup, you can blend 1/2 to all of the mushrooms with 1-2 cups of Oathentic’s Savoury Sea Salt Oat Milk / Collagen Boosting Original Broth in a blender. Or if you want a quick one, skip this step!

4. Pour the blended mushrooms back to the pan and remaining of Oathentic’s Savoury Sea Salt Oat Milk / Collagen Boosting Original Broth and simmer it for about 15 mins. If you are skipping the blending, just pour in the the oat milk / broth right after step 2.

5. Taste your soup and adjust with more salt if necessary, to your preference.

6. Pour into bowls, shake in some black pepper & parsley and soup is ready to be served!

For oats lover, add a twist to your mushroom soup for additional flavor or thickening by adding oats into your soup (instead of starch)!

We would love to hear from you! Suggest what you think our oat milk can be used for and you just might see it featured, and we promise you a little surprise if your idea gets featured!


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