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Recipe 4: Oat Milk Black Sesame Tang Yuan

You will note that in our recipe no sugar is being used, we assure you this is definitely a healthier and yet delicious Sesame Tang Yuan we all love!

Cheat’s Recipe using Oathentic Original Oat Milk

Ingredients: Oathentic Original Oat Milk (Min 1.2L depending on the amount of Tan Yuan you are making). Black Sesame Seeds Glutinous rice flour Honey Pandan leaves (Optional) 1-2 slices of ginger (Optional) Instructions 1. Toast black sesame in a pan until you smell a nice nutty aroma. 2. Finely grind the roasted black sesame seeds in a blender. 3. Mix the grinded roasted black sesame with honey in a bowl till its a paste. If the paste is more than what you need, the balance can be kept in a fridge in air tight container for about 6 months. 4. Roll the black sesame paste into small balls. 5. To make the dough, mix Oathentic Original Oat Milk into glutinous rice flour. Knead with your hands till the dough is formed. 6. Roll the dough into balls (bigger than the black sesame balls). 7. Flatten a dough ball to form a round wrap, place a piece of black sesame ball in the middle and wrap dough around the filling, roll the tang yuan again with the filling inside to maintain the ball shape. Repeat till you get the number of Sesame Tang Yuan you want. 8. Boil the Tang Yuan in a pot of water. When you see the Tang Yuan floating up, this means that the Tang Yuan is ready. Remove Tang Yuan and place it aside. 9. Bring a pot of Oathentic Original Oat Milk to boil. NO SUGAR needs to be added as Oathentic Oat Milk has enough natural sweetness in it. 10. Add in pandan leaves and ginger (both optional) to boil together for awhile till the pandan fragrance is out. 11. Add in Tang Yuan, turn off fire and the delicious, healthy Tang Yuan is ready to be served!

We would love to hear from you! Suggest what you think our oat milk can be used for and you just might see it featured, and we promise you a little surprise if your idea gets featured!


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