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Made Fresh For You

There was once a man who decided to make a big change in his life - by becoming vegan. This set him and his wife on a journey to find healthy and fresh produce that could be made into delicious drinks he could share with his family. Together with their team, they started living the Oathentic life - feeding families fresh nutritious food in a fun and enjoyable way. #truestory

Oathentic Process

We focus on crafting delicious fresh milk, free from UHT or pasteurisation! These treatments usually cause a loss of nutrients in products, but we believe you deserve the best. Our oat milk is easily digestible, allowing your body to better absorb all the goodness it packs. It also results in more protein unlocked, creating a superior texture and taste!

About 1
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About Us 2
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Oats. Water. Enzymes.

The first stage involves mixing the oats and enzymes until they are broken down into pure glucose, giving our oat milk its naturally sweet taste.

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Grind. Strain. Boil.

Our oat milk is made and delivered to you all FRESH! Unlike most commercial oat milk, we do not add food additives, food conditioners nor oil.

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Natural. Pure. Fresh.

Oathentic is made fresh right here in Singapore. It contains a higher oat content than most oat milks with a light and refreshing taste.

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