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Authentic Goodness, Oathentic Taste

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Deliciously Healthy

We believe that food is meant to be enjoyed, on our own or with our loved ones. Our products are designed for the entire family in mind. Start living the Oathentic life with us!

Freshness Delivered

All of our delicious drinks are made right here in Singapore and contain zero preservatives. We are plant based with no sugars (select flavours) added.

Shop Now

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From $2.90

Oathentic - Sea Salt All Sizes Packaging.png

Savoury Sea Salt

From $2.90

Oathentic - Cocoa All Sizes Packaging v2.png

Dreamy Cocoa

From $3.20

Oathentic - Rich Malt All Sizes Packaging.png

Rich Malt

From $2.90

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